The Sacraments are sacred mysteries, sacred because they are the means by which God becomes present in our lives as Catholic Christians. They are words and actions together.

For example, the sacrament of baptism combines the words “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” with the action of pouring water over an infant’s head. The sacrament of Baptism brings the active presence of God into the life of the person baptized. By the sacrament the person is fundamentally changed and becomes a Christian. As such, the sacraments are not merely symbols. A symbol stands for something. A sacrament is the thing it stands for.

Catholics believe that Christ has given the Church seven sacraments: baptism, reconciliation, confirmation, Eucharist, marriage, the anointing of the sick, and holy orders. We invite you to attend this informative series to grow in knowledge of the 7 Sacraments in order to grow closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.