This program helps families to participate in our faith formation program together, encourages the faith development of adults, and provides resources for parents to work with their children at home.

Families come together and attend monthly sessions. Families begin the gathered sessions working together. Children then go to age appropriate groups. While in their groups the children review lessons in a similar fashion as in the weekly faith formation program. Parents have the opportunity for faith development in a casual interactive setting. Their sessions include presentations, prayer, and discussions. They also receive resources that will enable them to continue working on the lessons at home with their children.


  • A family commitment to attend the sessions together
  • Attendance at all monthly sessions (September – May) (See attendance policy for details)
  • A family commitment to work on the home lessons with their children
  • Weekly attendance at Mass
  • Families enrolled will automatically receive the “Faith at Home” Magazine
  • Teenagers in grades 7-12 are also required to attend special middle school or high school program sessions throughout the year. A calendar of required sessions is distributed at the start of the program in September.