Our parish Discipleship Team is comprised of a group of high teens who hope to lead others, especially their peers, to know Jesus’ love by word and example. They are committed to following the example Jesus gave us to the best of our ability. They know they can not do this on their own. They need the guidance of the faith community, the support of their peers and most importantly, the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Discipleship Team is …

  • A commitment to God and other young people who we serve
  • An opportunity to deepen our faith by experiencing Jesus in service and leading others
  • An opportunity to share our faith
  • An opportunity to share our gifts and talents
  • An opportunity to develop our leadership skills
  • An opportunity to set an example for other young people by living a Christian life.

What are some things we do as a “DT”?

  • We meet with the adult Confirmation team to plan events
  • We prepare talks, skits, prayer services, social and service events for the Confirmation program and Faith Formation
  • We represent the youth of our parish at parish events
  • We will encourage middle school and high school students to become involved in parish life
  • We will strive to build relationships with teens who are preparing for Confirmation in order to increase their sense of belonging
  • We may visit youth from other parishes and schools that are involved in peer ministry
    and leadership programs

What does it take to be a member of the Discipleship Team?

  • Love God with all your heart and soul!
  • Love your neighbor
  • Have an active and growing faith life in Jesus Christ and be prepared to share it with other teens by word and example
  • You must attend most DT training sessions and
    • Challenge Course retreat in June
    • 5 of 8 summer training sessions
    • Overnight retreat in the fall
    • Monthly meetings during the year
    • Be present to serve where you are called to serve…

Ministry Contacts

Jen Zwernemann

Michael Adriance