As the primary educators of their children, parents have the right and the duty to choose the kind of educational environment that they determine best suits their children’s educational needs.

Therefore, home schooling is a viable option for the general education of children. The home-based catechesis of children is a cooperative effort between the children, their parents, parish leadership, and the diocesan bishop. Parents who choose to be not only the primary educators of their children but also their catechists must adhere to all guidelines for catechesis as outlined by the diocesan bishop.

(National Directory for Catechesis)

Home-schooling families must be registered parishioners and attend Mass regularly.

Please let the Faith Formation Director know if you or your child’s health prevents you from coming to Mass. Arrangements can be made for you to be visited at home by a priest or Eucharistic minister.

Parents who choose to home-school their children must meet with the Director to be properly prepared for this role. They receive the same resources as those used in the parish setting.

The Director of Faith Formation is available throughout the year for on-going guidance and instruction. Parents must contact the Director as needed in order to provide a thorough and complete catechesis for their children.

Parents and children must attend three meetings during the year. These meetings provide opportunities for parents and children to interact with other families and experience another aspect of Christian community; for parents to voice concerns, ask questions, and receive additional resources; and for the Director to assess and evaluate the progress of the students.

Children in the home-school settings participate in the parish administration of the ACRE assessments at the time of their administration in the parish.

Children preparing to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Eucharist, and Confirmation may receive their immediate catechetical instruction in the home-school setting. The other important parts of the preparation process: parent meetings, retreats, and rehearsals are community experiences. Therefore families who have chosen to home-school their children must be included in these experiences.