Preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation begins in the fall. This program calls for the active involvement of candidates, parents, sponsors, catechists/religion teachers, group leaders, and priests. The candidates meet on several Sundays between October and April. This preparation period focuses on understanding the full meaning of this sacrament in the life of the young person now and in the future. Requirements include attendance and participation in weekly Mass, completion of stewardship/service hours, participation in the Confirmation retreat, completion of Confirmation family conference, and completion of all required forms in a timely manner. The date of Confirmation is determined by the Confirming Bishop’s availability on the date requested by the Pastor. Customarily at St. Joseph’s, Confirmation has been celebrated during the Easter Season.

Although Confirmation is typically celebrated in the 8th grade, that is not always the case. Readiness for the reception of a sacrament is not determined only by age. A young person is Confirmed when the parents, Pastor, and Director agree upon his/her readiness and all the program requirements have been satisfied.